Our approach to undertaking assignments starts with gaining a good understanding of the client’s business and the environment in which it operates.

For this purpose, we normally conduct a brief but broadly based initial diagnostic review, which is aimed primarily at ensuring that the client’s requirements are properly understood.

We would also at this stage, determine the assignment’s priorities so that our work can be properly focused.
Each step in an assignment is taken in an orderly fashion with particular emphasis on each step depending on the nature of the assignment and the client’s precise requirements.

If a multi-disciplinary approach is required, we would draw an appropriate staff from the relevant department of our Practice.

We identify the analytical methods necessary for the assignments and agree them with the client.

A Partner who monitors each stage of the work always heads our assignments.

His job is to ensure that the resources and experience of our Firm as a whole are deployed to the client’s best advantage and that a top and first class service is delivered.