Perhaps you are starting your business by investing in a startup. Or perhaps your company is growing and needs to expand. In such situations, one of the options is to buy or merge with another business.

Since you can only deal with such a transaction once or twice in your business life, it makes sense to seek advice from experienced professionals who will help you get through this complex process.

An acquisition or merger is a huge move. As we get to know our clients, their businesses and the sectors in which they work, Salako Adewale & Co. chartered accountants can help you consider all the consequences of such a transaction in advance, determine the type of business you want to buy or merge and identify potential goals.

Our forensic experts can prepare financial forecasts to help assess the project’s viability, provide evaluation, recommendations, assist in negotiations to achieve the right price, and draw up business plans to support applications for financing.

We can also conduct a thorough review – the process of examining the seller’s business and records to identify key problems-so that you know exactly what you are buying.

And we will use our tax experience to advise on opportunities to maximize the tax efficiency of the transaction and on the appropriate payment structure of the transaction – for example, a combination of cash, deferred payments and equity – and the most suitable corporate structure design.